STRACA advocates fair Short Term Rental regulations & responsible property management

The Short Term Rental Alliance of California (STRACA)  is member-supported organization that represents all stakeholders in short term rentals (STRs) throughout California. This includes not just property owners and managers but also housekeepers, gardeners, and businesses both large and small that benefit from STRs. We are your voice for STRs, advocating for reasonable regulation and responsible management. We also serve as a resource for our members, providing frequent legislative updates, news locally and elsewhere, better hosting resources, and opportunities to network with one another.


STR's are being noticed & discussed by local governments, typically being painted in a skewed light

Short term rentals are often accused of being party houses. STRACA strongly advocates for responsible management. This includes a strong vetting process (something a hotel cannot do), someone present to check in guests, someone available to the guests and/or neighbors during a stay,  and 24/7 iron clad contracts with hefty security deposits that allow for forfeiture of deposit and rental costs if you violate the terms of the contract. The idea that hosts want their places "trashed" is illogical. People invest time and money into these rentals, most being a home of their own. Nobody would want to have to clean up and replace destroyed properties on a regular basis. Bad neighbors are bad neighbors. At least with a short term rental guest, it is possible to get them out with proper regulations, contracts and  responsible managers.

Short term rentals extend stays, make opportunities available that wouldn't be otherwise, pump more into our economy. Average hotel stay vs. STR stay. Bringing family vs. leaving at home. Dollars into local economy. People needing somewhere other than hotel under hospital care-family and/or patient.


As an STR supporter, your opinion matters

Your voice should be heard. That's why we formed STRACA. We believe in fair, common-sense regulation. We provide context, not rhetoric, by debunking false claims against STRs. We spotlight STRs' vast economic benefits to the community. We promote responsible STR management that protects neighborhoods. LASTRA brings a much needed balanced perspective to the table. 

Join STRACA today and protect Short Term Rentals in California. Let's keep STRs a vital part of California's thriving tourist economy.


  • Featured event

    Tacos with STRACA


    Join STRACA for the commencement of its statewide Reasonable Regulation Tour in Newport Beach. This event will mark the beginning of this tour's goals to introduce stakeholders, local governments, strategic partners & the general public to ways to find reasonable regulations that maximize the benefits of short term rentals in their communities.

    This event will feature a discussion on the current state of STR regulations, along with legal cases, and our strategies moving into 2018.

    Join us at El Torito in Irvine for Tacos with STRACA as we kick off this engaging tour. Local Governments will be invited to this event along with all stakeholder & supporters.

    We would like to thank Noiseaware for being a tour sponsor at the  Tour Supporting Small Business Sponsorship level.

    September 06, 2017 at 6pm
    El Torito
    18512 MacArthur Blvd
    Irvine, CA 92612
    United States
    Google map and directions
  • From the blog

    San Diego Councilmembers Weigh in on What STR Regulations Should Look Like

    On August 18, 2017, Councilmember Chris Cate of the San Diego City Council submitted a commentary piece to the San Diego Union-Tribune talking in detail about his proposed short term rental (STR) regulations.  Councilmembers Barbara Bry and Lorie Zapf also weighed in with their own separate commentaries published by the Union-Tribune the same day.  Councilmember Zapf wrote in support of the proposal by Councilmember Bry.  The vote to decide on a proposal to turn into an ordinance is October 23 and is fast approaching.

    Continue reading…

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    STRACA is only able to work to achieve our mission of forming fair regulations, and ensuring responsible management practices for the STR industry through the contributions of our members, and donations from supporters of the STR industry and/or sharing economy.  We aim to build sustainable community partnerships and collaborate together to build equitable outcomes that serve everyone's interests, but also build safe, healthy, and vibrant communities for us all.

    Whether you're an STR host, manager, advocate or owner/operator, STRACA can help your voice be heard.  While local governments debate your STR’s future, we're working to promote regulation that will recognize STRs’ valuable contributions throughout California and preserve STRs as both a viable business model and positive contributor to neighborhoods throughout the state.

    At STRACA, we stress the benefits of short-term rentals to policy makers and ensure they aren't misled by false, exaggerated rhetoric. As a citizen and an STR stakeholder, your opinion counts. STRACA helps your voice be heard.

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